Church & Houses of Worship Sound

With over 30 years of experience in state-of-the-art, immersive sound system installations, Hollwood Sound can transform your church or house of worship.

Church & Houses of Worship Sound Installation

Hollowood Sound specializes in Church & Houses of Worship Sound Installation

We offer expert design and installation of sound systems for churches and houses of worship. Whether you need acoustical treatment in the sanctuary, a new console in the booth or a complete AV systems overhaul, we provide many solutions.

Are you experiencing signal interference with your wireless microphones or monitors? Let us evaluate your existing devices and determine if they have been affected by recent FCC changes in legal operating bandwidths. We can make cost-effective recommendations and take advantage of manufacturer rebates to reduce the cost of upgrades

The integration of communication technology into our daily lives has extended into houses of worship and offers exciting new ways to spread the word. Let us show you how you can cost-effectively integrate this technology with your existing equipment and take it to the next level. A user-friendly interface is paramount. We can assist you in offering on-demand video and video conferencing.

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